Cancel Pull Troops in South Korea, Trump Fixed hostile to North Korea

Directions - President of the United States elect Donald Trump pledged his commitment to defend Korea South based security alliance that was conveyed in a telephone conversation with President of Korea South Park Geun-hye, Thursday (10/11), according to Yonhap News Agency from diplomatic sources.

Trump had indeed been suggested in campaign election that he would pull the US military stationed in Korea South, but Seoul pay a larger share of the cost of deployment.

There are about 28,500 American troops based in Korea South in a joint defense force against Korea North.

In the office Park, Reuters launched, it is known he spoke by phone with Trump about 01.00 GMTbut could not be immediately confirmed what had been discussed.

Meanwhile, observers from China, Xu Liping said the new US administration under the leadership of Donald Trump assessed not to be too focused its policies in Asia Pacific, known as the "pivot" or rebalancing by increasing military presence in the region.

Observers from the National Institute of International Strategy CASS was said, in general, Trump victory passive influence on the policy Pivot Asia US.

"His diplomacy is more pragmatic. Not too idealistic, China, Japan, and Korea South will appear bigger role in Asia Tenggara. Framework cooperation of ASEAN + 3 will be more effective," he said.